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Company Profile

RadiumBoards is a unique website providing complete board and software solutions addressing a broad range of markets including Security and Surveillance, Video, Audio, Automotive, Mobile Devices, IoT and Experimenters.

RadiumBoards makes it easy to shop for production ready reference designs, assembled and tested PCBs and modules all included with BSP (Board Support Package), applications and documentation is a leading CDMS company that has built close partnerships with product design services and EMS companies having world class experience in developing high end embedded solutions. Our expertise spans across the entire embedded product design cycle – from specifications to design and development, OS porting, device driver development and optimization, application development and molds/plastics.

Our key domains of expertise are consumer and industrial cameras, imaging, video and compression, multimedia of all categories, high speed connectivity, networking and wireless. We have developed many IP camera designs with various capabilities, digital video encoders, digital video and network recorders, Android based tablets and other mobile products and multiple products in network infrastructure (Wi-Fi, TDM Over IP, more).